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Heritage Preservation

The neighbourhoods of Hillhurst and Sunnyside are located in Calgary’s inner city, northwest of and across from the Bow River. Established in the early 1900s, Hillhurst and Sunnyside are one of the older communities in Calgary. An important event in the community’s history was the construction of the Mewata Bridge over the Bow River in 1954. This turned 14th Street into a major link to downtown and initiated commercial redevelopment of the housing in the area. These areas, and the nearby business district of Kensington, have since been enhanced through the efforts of the Business Revitalization Zone Association. They, along with the annual Farmer’s Market, offer a number of diverse commercial opportunities for residents. There are also recreational areas nearby, at both Hillhurst Athletic Park and Riley Park. The community is also located on the C-train line. For a historical account of the communities, download Hillhurst Sunnyside Remembers (PDF, 6 MB).

Walking Tour

Take a walk through one of Calgary’s oldest residential communities. Visit historical homes, churches, parks, buildings and schools during this unique urban experience.

• Walking Tour Map (PDF, 535 KB)
• Walking Tour Guide (PDF, 4103 KB)

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The Calgary Foundation, Neighborhood Grants
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A special thanks to researchers Gesche Schifferdecker and Meaghan Langrell, The Board of Hillhurst-Sunnyside and enthusiastic community residents.

Pictures were taken by Meaghan Langrell, Catherine Halkett,Gesche Schifferdecker and David Berezowski. Most importantly, thanks to all the past and present community members,and business people that have lived in the area and created its history.

Calgary Flood Story

Calgary is a dynamic city built at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers.
Our historical flood website: tells the story of how flooding has impacted the city and its citizens over the years, and how the community has always come together to rebuild. Please check it out and add your stories.