Build Community HSCA

In honour of our 70th year of incorporation as an association, and in partnership with North Hill Centre, we are giving the HSCA Hearth Room a face lift! 

The Hearth Room is home to the majority of our free community programs and houses almost all of our Community Connections activities including; Fresh Food Basket, Neighbour Night, Community Potlucks, Drop in Card & Social Gatherings, Knitting Club and more. All of these programs are free to our participants, which allows for accessibility and encourages residents to play-where-they-live. 

You can help build a welcoming, functional community hub for these programs by donating to our campaign online:  

NEW! Our neighbours from Framed on Fifth have also joined this project! Local artists are picking up birdhouses from Framed on Fifth (1207 5 Ave NW) to paint for an upcoming auction to raise money. Stay posted for details on an upcoming Farmers’ Market you can attend to bid on the masterpieces. All proceeds go toward Building Community! 

The birdhouses and their artists’ details are available on the Framed on Fifth website.

#HSCAHubBuild #BuildCommunityHSCA