Recreation, workshops and events at HSCA for the Winter Season (that are not run by HSCA)

Did you know, that not all of the events and activities which take place in the HSCA building are HSCA programs? We also have a variety of renters who use the space to bring recreation and learning opportunities to residents.

With the new year also comes new programs and the return of some of your favourites! Returning this year are martial arts opportunities with LDK Karate and Hydra Taekwondo. And our friends from CapoeiraYYC have returned to offer instruction on Saturdays! We were in the building a few weeks ago, and along with the physical practice of Capoeira, the instructors also introduced some of the cultural aspects and were singing. They have incredible voices.

And finally, to take us from winter into the spring season are Witches Brew Markets. The first will take place on Saturday March 30. This is a re-vamp from the New Age Markets hosted by New Age Calgary and we cannot wait to see what sort of treasure and learning they will provide.

For information on these, upcoming and HSCA-run programs stay posted to your monthly edition of The Voice, or check out repeating events on the programs calendar and special events upcoming here.

Stay posted to the HSCA blog for more program highlights throughout the year. And if you are interested in booking space at HSCA to host your own workshops or events contact Allison for availability: Allison.h@hsca.ca