Action on Flood Mitigation Requested

Action on Flood Mitigation Requested

Call to Action: We are at a critical point where visible support from our community is essential if necessary flood mitigation infrastructure is to move forward. Please provide input to the Alberta Budget 2018 and to the City Council Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services.

(1) Please provide input to the Alberta Provincial Budget 2018 in support of flood mitigation for Calgary. The deadline is this Friday, February 9, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. MST. Unfortunately we have had some indication that the province might delay the start of critical upstream feasibility studies and that they might even back off existing commitments. Feedback from Albertans is essential. Here is the link with all the information:

As a minimum please fill out the simple three question survey at It is important that you write your own answers, but to give an idea here are a few points to consider: • Investments in flood mitigation infrastructure must be made, particularly a new dam upstream on the Bow River. • Calgary is a key economic engine for Alberta yet it remains exceptionally vulnerable to flooding from both the Bow and Elbow rivers. • If effects of climate change were considered, the urgency for additional flood mitigation infrastructure would be even more apparent. • The provincial government must live up to its existing commitments as well as starting the work on a new dam

If you wish to write a longer letter/email related to the budget that would be great. Please address it to . It is way more important that you write than what you write, as long as you mention flood mitigation.

Overall responsibility for flood mitigation rests with Alberta Environment and Parks at Honourable Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks 208 Legislature Building 10800 - 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

We ask that the province promptly implement recommendations in the “Advice to Government on Water Management in the Bow River Basin” study that they commissioned from the Bow River Working Group (new upstream dam in particular).

(2) Please provide input to the City Council Standing Policy Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services supporting effective flood mitigation for our community, and in particular a higher berm than what the city is now proposing for Sunnyside. Input can be provided in writing or in person at the meeting.

(A) In writing: Letters/emails should be addressed to Councillor Druh Farrell, Ward 7 and be emailed to Dale Calkins at . He will ensure that your input gets to the meeting. Important: At or near the top of your letter or in the transmitting email include words along the lines of "I ask that this letter be included as part of the public record at the Utilities and Corporate Services meeting of February 14, 2018". Otherwise your letter might be treated as personal correspondence.

Write whatever you want. Letters that come from your heart and refer to your own personal experiences and feelings have the greatest impact. You might consider the following themes: a. Thank the City for the stormwater and groundwater projects approved and moving to construction, and ask that these be expedited as much as possible. Ask that the additional stormwater projects planned be approved to move forward in the next couple of years. b. Express support for a new upstream dam on the Bow and ask the city to encourage the province to build it ASAP. c. Express disappointment at the inadequate berm improvements proposed by the City and demand that the planned height of the Sunnyside berm be reviewed and raised to reflect the risk we are exposed to during the long delay before an upstream dam is built. d. Or any other topic that you wish to address.

Again, it is more important that you write than what you write

Keep your letters as short as possible. Maximum one page. There is a lot that one can say about flood mitigation but it is better to pick one topic and express it forcefully, succinctly and from your personal experience. Long rambling letters are rarely read and they are usually understood less. Be polite but firm and to the point. Do not include any personal attacks, nor questioning of motives nor dwell on blame for past errors.

I would appreciate a "cc" just so I have an idea of what is being said (

(B) For those wanting to attend and speak at the Calgary City Council Standing Policy Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services (SPC-UCS) the meeting will be at 9:30 AM Wednesday, February 14 in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Building. The committee will receive input from the public. Those planning to speak are welcome to attend our meeting at HSCA on Monday February 12 at 7:00 PM. We will discuss rules, guidelines and tips for speaking at SPC-UCS (it is not difficult).

If you would like any help with anything above please contact me. Thank you. Charlie Lund