Information Meeting About Approved Flood Mitigation

On Monday January 29, 2018 the City of Calgary Water Resources – Infrastructure Delivery Team will meet with the HSCA Emergency Preparedness And Response Committee - Infrastructure Group to review the progress of approved and funded flood mitigation projects in Hillhurst-Sunnyside.  This meeting will be open to all residents of Hillhurst Sunnyside.
Specifically, the City Representatives will discuss the following projects.
(1)     Sunnyside Sanitary Lift Station
(2)     Sunnyside Storm Water Pump Station #2
(3)     Sunnyside Storm Water Pump Station #1
(4)     Upper Plateau Separation Project
(5)     Bow River Gravel Bar Micro-Braiding (Centre Street and Louise Bridge gravel bars in particular)
The meeting will be held in the Hearth Room of the Hillhurst – Sunnyside Community Association on Monday January 29, 2018.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 PM and should be over by 8:30 PM.
The purpose of this meeting is to provide information on the progress of approved and funded flood mitigation infrastructure in Hillhurst – Sunnyside.  The City representatives invited are responsible for constructing the projects listed above.  They are not responsible for designing and approving new projects.  Therefore, this meeting is not to advocate for projects not yet approved or funded. 
In particular this meeting will not address the height of the riverside berm in Sunnyside.  It is anticipated that the City will in the near future host an engagement session focused on this important topic, and we encourage all residents to attend that session.  Details tbd.
Additional information will be provided through the HSCA “Flood” mailing list.  If you would like to sign up or manage your list subscription please do so here.