What's Happening in the Neighbourhood?

What’s happening in the neighbourhood?

The Hillhurst Sunnyside Planning Committee (HSPC) meeting has a full agenda for our Tuesday December 12, 2017 meeting. All residents are welcome! We will hear from guest presenters on a few major projects:

1.     Daniel E. from the City of Calgary on Bow to Bluff updates (7:00pm to 7:30pm)

2.     Jason A. from Urban Renewal Group on a rezoning proposal to change the zoning from R-C2 to R-CG to allow for a 4-unit rowhousing building at 826 16 Street NW (7:40pm to 8:00pm)

3.     Brian H. from O2 Planning + Design representing Graywood Developments on a proposed rezoning application for the RBC site on 10th Street. This is a discussion on the Land Use Amendment (rezoning) only and they will not have building designs ready at this stage.  (8:00pm to 8:30pm)

Please help us spread the word to your neighbours and stop by if you would like to learn more about any of these projects (you don't need to stay for the entire 2 hour meeting).  Please also send me an email so we know how many chairs/tables to set up for the Dec 12 meeting, or if you would like to get involved at lisa.c@hsca.ca.

Sunnyside Village Redevelopment Proposal

Sunnyside Sustainable Living is hosting an open house for their redevelopment proposal at 802 2nd Avenue NW (the former Sunnyside Grocery store at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 7th Street).  Please bookmark www.sunnysideliving.ca to learn more information as it becomes available. Details below:

Wednesday December 6, 2017

5:00pm to 8:00 pm

Vendome Cafe, 940 2 Avenue NW


containR at 1020 2nd Avenue NW

Springboard Performance has applied for a renewal of the Development Permit to be able to run community events at containR. Please provide any comments to the City planner by Monday December 11, 2017. Click here for details.

·       Feedback should be sent to: shane.gagnon@calgary.ca.

·       Please send a copy of your email and any ideas for programming to HSCA Vitalization Committee at hscavitalization@gmail.com and to HSCA Community Planning at lisa.c@hsca.ca.


City of Calgary Citizen Engagement on Cannabis Legalization

The City of Calgary is seeking input on the following:

·       Rules/regulations required for businesses operating within the municipality

·       Rules/regulations relating to public consumption

·       Enforcement of municipal, provincial and federal regulation of legalized recreational cannabis

Go to https://engage.calgary.ca/cannabis to give your feedback. The survey is open from November 20 until December 10.

Water for Riley

W4R would like to update neighbours on their progress! Go to http://www.waterforriley.org/blog/ to read about W4R volunteers’ activities.

Heritage Update

As of last month, City Council has approved three heritage buildings as Municipal Heritage Resources (these buildings are now legally protected).

·       Glenwood Manor on Memorial Drive. All condominium owners voted to designate the building.

·       Arnell Block (currently Starbucks) and Smith-Cozzubbo Residence (currently Kensington Pub) were also designated as protected municipal heritage buildings. This was a part of a development agreement with the owner of the properties (Dobbin Group) to increase the density of the redevelopment at 1150 Memorial Drive NW (now owned and being developed by Anthem Properties)

Read about these heritage resources and more at  https://maps.calgary.ca/DiscoverHistoricCalgary/.

Sunnyside Storm Lift Stations #1 & #2

A new pump station will be constructed east of the Curling Centre near the CPA parking lot (location to be determined) and the existing station at 605 1 Ave (corner of 5A St and 1 Ave) will be upgraded.

Public input on the design of the two buildings closed on November 12.  The City of Calgary’s engagement report, of “What We Heard” report has now been released. Read it online at https://www.calgary.ca/engage/Documents/SunnysideStormLiftStations/SunnysideStormLiftStations_WWHR.pdf. Thank you to those who provided feedback and thank you to the HSCA Emergency Planning and Response Committee (EPARC) for all their hard work and advocacy for the community.

The City has submitted a Development Permit (DP2017-5314) or building plans for the upgraded lift station at 605 1 Ave NW for community review and comments. The DP will be reviewed at the next HSCA EPARC meeting on December 4 from 7-9pm at the HSCA.

Community Safety

The HSCA Vitalization Committee was pleased to host a community safety meeting on November 30 with Constable Glenn Pederson from District 3. We heard from residents about challenges in the community and a general increase in activity in communities across the river (in part attributed to the displacement of the homeless population from redevelopment at the East Village). We are still working on the minutes of the meeting to update those who were not able to attend.

Please continue to contact 311 for concerns, or call the police if you witness any issues. Please find more information on “who to call and when” at https://hsca-community-planning.mn.co/posts/1373354. Calls are logged and helps determine budget allocation (such as for police) at City Hall.

Contact hscavitalization@gmail.com and cc: lisa.c@hsca.ca if you would like to get involved with any community safety initiatives.