What is Neighbour Day?

Held on the third Saturday of June, Neighbour Day is a time for Calgarians to celebrate our neighbourliness and strong community spirit by organizing community events such as front yard barbecues, garden parties, picnics, clean-ups or afternoon teas in a local park.


The Vitalization Committee plans and hosts an Neighbour Day celebration every year in Edinborough Park. We have food, music, entertainment and games for the whole family. Stay posted to our website and newsletters for details on the event. 

Share your experience with us using #yycNeighbourDay.

Bow to Bluff

Bow to Bluff (B2B) is an independent citizen-led initiative to create great public spaces in Calgary, Alberta.

The goal is to re-imagine the Bow to Bluff corridor, running from Memorial Drive along the Sunnyside LRT line from the Bow River to McHugh Bluff. Every day, hundreds of Calgarians on foot, bicycle, or train pass through the corridor, but they don’t stay. The spaces are uninviting, unsafe, and woefully underutilized; the pathway itself needs strengthening as a connector.

Safety Issues

Volunteer for Your Community

Would you like to get involved with starting a community safety group? We are looking for a resident volunteers to take the lead and coordinate community safety initiatives and are eager to hear your ideas. Contact HSCA Vitalization at and cc: if interested.

Connect with Neighbours Read updates and share information with neighbours via the HSCA Facebook page at or the residents’ “Sunnyside Up” Facebook group at You can also form your own street or area-based email list or social media group.

Building Safe Communities

The Federation of Calgary Communities provides free resources and workshops under their Building Safe Communities program. Check out for more information.

Fill out a “My Neighbour Card” with your neighbours. Print off a copy and share with neighbours/friends at

Traffic Calming Study Petition

Talk to your neighbours and organize a Traffic Calming Study petition through City of Calgary Transportation – review and click on Traffic Calming Policy for the petition form.

State the issues clearly in your submission. Once complete, contact HSCA c/o Lisa Chong ( and we will help you with getting final signatures from the HSCA, the ward councillor and the community police liaison for submission.

Note: this is a request for a traffic study through the City Transportation Department and does not guarantee traffic calming measures, which will be determined based on the City’s criteria and budget.


Calgary Police Service (CPS) District 3 Community Liaison Sgt. Dave McMath 403-428-6300

Who to Call and When Use this guide if you are stuck on when to call 911, CPS non-emergency line, or Downtown Outreach Addictions Program (DOAP).

City of Calgary 311 Call 311, available 24 hours a day with concerns. Be sure to provide the street address of your inquiry to the operator. You can also submit a ticket online at or the mobile app, Calgary 311. 311 requests are tracked and forwarded to the appropriate City department and helps City Hall determine where to allocate resources and funding.

Calgary Parking Authority To report a parking issue or an illegally parked vehicle, phone 403-537-7000.

Community Inventory & Connections


1.     Community Orchard: Christie Schaefer

2.     Jim Hollicky adopt a park: Christie Schaefer

3.     Sunnyside Rink: Jim Besse

4.     Sunnyside Shared Community Garden: Jim Besse

5.     Sunnyside Park Party: Peter Atkins

6.     HSCA Community Garden: Richard Smith

7.     Garage Door painting: Christie and Aaron

8.     Bow to Bluff

9.     4a St Block party: Richard and Buff Smith

10. Sunnyside School Fall Fair September 2017


1.     Hillhurst Garage/yard Sale annually in June

2.     Stampede block party annually in June

Hillhurst and Sunnyside:

11. Jane’s walk:

12. Activate YYC

13. Safety Issues: HSCA Vitalization committee,

14. HSCA Vitalization Committee-Community Engagement and Activation

15. HSCA Farmer’s Market- Wednesday’s at HSCA Community Hall

Get informed:

Facebook: Sunnyside Up / East Sunnyside Survivors

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