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HSCA Committees represent the diversity of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community and advocate on behalf of its residents. The majority (if not all) committees are volunteer run and there are plenty of opportunities and options for residents to get involved. 


Hillhurst Sunnyside Planning cOMMITTEE

HSPC reviews and makes recommendations on applications for development permits in the area. Meetings take place at HSCA on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm and all residents are welcome to attend. 



Focused on the preservation and celebration of architectural, cultural and natural history. Interested individuals should contact Lorna Cordeiro and Carol Stokes at


Emergency Planning & Response cOMMITTEE

(EPARC) (There are presently three sub-committees operating under EPARC: Community Response and Resiliency Division, Infrastructure (Technical) Division, and the Advocacy Division. The focus is on emergency preparedness, disaster mitigation and liaison between residents & The City of Calgary on infrastructure. As well, there is a Community Leaders Program. 

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sUSTAINABility Committee

Evaluates the HSCA facilities in order to develop a long-term plan for how community spaces within Hillhurst Sunnyside (with heightened focused on the HSCA building itself) would best be utilized in order to serve the majority of community residents. Interested individuals should contact Darren,