Mighty Networks

To encourage members of the community to participate in the community planning process, the HSCA has established an on-line forum to discuss, critique, and comment on upcoming developments and rezoning applications in Hillhurst Sunnyside using a platform called “Mighty Networks”.

Mightybell software allows us to post plans, documents and photos for others to view. Each development application is set up as a “circle” to which residents can join. Once “members” of a circle, residents can make comments and critiques of applications on-line, use internal messaging to contact other members and organize “meet-ups” with other members. Members can also establish personal settings to receive email “alerts” whenever there is a new posting or comment on the circles for which they are subscribers.

The information exchange allows members of the community to keep up to date with planning developments on their own time wherever they can access the internet. This tends to reduce the number of meetings required in the past to keep community members up to date on planning affairs. Started in early 2013 by the Communications Task Force, the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Planning site has grown to include many over 300 individuals members.