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Your Life Your Legacy

Be Stress Free and Plan with Dignity

Planning your final arrangements in advance is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family. It alleviates the emotional and financial stress of your loved ones having to second-guess what you would have wanted, and you can design the event right down to the smallest detail. It also guarantees the cost against inflation over time, leaving more money for your family after your death.

Why a prepaid funeral makes sense It’s only natural to make plans that safeguard against the unexpected—that's why we buy insurance and plan our estates. A prepaid funeral is no different. Planning ahead for a funeral is a pragmatic decision that protects your family's financial resources and helps to ensure your final wishes will be honored. Consider these reasons to pre-plan funeral services.

No rushed decisions When you plan your funeral plans in advance, you have the opportunity to learn about all of your options—from customized keepsakes to personalized funeral services—in a relaxed environment. Without a prepaid funeral plan, your family may feel emotional and rushed when making decisions for you. Planning ahead gives you time to research your options, communicate with family members and even add personal details.

Your funeral, your way Funeral planning in advance allows you to create a fitting tribute that will reflect your passions and unique personality. The two biggest questions that family members face when a person passes away "What would they have wanted?" and "Did I do the right thing?" are answered for your loved ones forever. Personalizing a funeral can be as simple as playing your favorite music or holding a service with your favorite flowers. If you like to be the life of every party, you could plan a lively event with a catered meal, live music, and photos or videos of the memorable events that make your life unique. The more personal you make your memorial, the more memorable it will be.

Join us Thursday January 31 @ 7:00PM at Sunnyside Community Center for a free information session about all options available to you. Conducted by Tim Hudson, Community Service Counselor for Dignity Memorial (403) 383 - 9945

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