september 2019- attend the city’s open house on the sunnyside berm project

Attend the City Open House on the Sunnyside Berm Project and show your support for adequate flood protection for our community.  The City will be providing details about the options that they have studied.

When:            Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 5 to 8 p.m.

Where:           Sunnyside School gymnasium, 211 7th St. N.W.

Be sure to check out the documentation below on why flood protection must be a priority.

Sunnyside Needs a Higher Berm

July 2019- Sunnyside Flood Projects

Check out the latest bi-monthly update prepared for the HSCS, EPARC - Infrastructure Group from Water Resources.

July 2019 Sunnyside Flood Projects

Concerns with the city’s plans for the Sunnyside flood Barrier/Berm

The HSCA EPARC – Infrastructure Group has developed nine reasons why the City’s 1:20 plan is inadequate.  The full documentation of these concerns is found in the file linked below:

Community Emergency Plan

The Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Emergency Plan (CEP) is designed to complement Calgary’s Municipal Plan and provide targeted information specific to Hillhurst Sunnyside residents. It should be used as a companion to your Household Emergency Action Plan.

Please view/download the document at the link below:

HS Community Emergency Plan

2017 Update

Update as of February 2017

  1. EPARC
    Chair: David Brindle

  2. Infrastructure sub committee
    Lead: Charlie Lund
    Meetings: approx. monthly (as required). Minutes posted on HSCA website for more information and updates.

  3. Interim Mitigation sub committee
    Lead: vacant

  4. Community Emergency Planning sub committee
    Lead: vacant

Achievements in the last 4 years:

  • The sanitary lift station is being rebuilt

  • Pump Station #2 is funded and well into detail design, with construction to start soon‎
    Pump Station #1 is funded and starting detailed design (this project is jointly funded by the City , Provincial and Federal governments)

  • The North West Inner City Drainage Study recommends the Upper Plateau Separation project. This project is on the Calgary Drainage Improvement (CDI) list and will be funded by the City and built when it reaches the top of the CDI priority list. In addition the City has identified it for possible future Alberta Community Resiliency Program funding, which could accelerate it.
    Same for Pump Stations #3 and #4.

  • The City is expected to recommend that local barrier (ie berm) improvements ‎be built soon, without waiting for an upstream dam.

While much has been achieved there remains much more to do.

Future priorities (not necessarily in this exact order – a number can be concurrent):

  1. Upper Plateau Separation project funded and built

  2. Adequate berm improvements, including ground water protection, recommended, funded and built

  3. Province/Transalta to armour the Ghost reservoir shoreline

  4. Provincial approval, funding and construction of an upstream dam

  5. Pump Station #3 funded and built

  6. Pump Station #4 funded and built

Useful links:


Emergency Planning & Response Committee Documents


Community Response & Resiliency Division Documents


Additional Resources

This letter to Brian Mason, Alberta Minister of Infrastructure asks that the provincial government request federal funding for the projects identified by the City of Calgary as flood mitigation priorities over and above ACRP.


Flood Permit Grant Program

Information Sheet (Final) – Flood Permit Grant Permit Program – 01 14 2015 (3)

The Flood Permit Grant Program is jointly funded by the Canadian Red Cross and the City of Calgary and is being offered to residential property owners in Calgary who are facing financial challenges repairing, restoring or rebuilding their homes after the June 2013 flood.

City’s blog –

Application process –

Adapting to Severe Weather

Alberta Flood Relief Financial Assistance Program

The Salvation Army is pleased to announce our new Alberta Flood Relief Financial Assistance Program.  Attached you will find an application package that you may refer to clients.  The application is also online at:

I have also attached a poster for use in your location to promote this program. We are relying on partners like you to spread the word as widely as possible to residents in Southern Alberta about this program and the pending deadline of July 31, 2014.

Clients with any further questions are to be made directly to our Public Relations office (403) 410-1122  or by email at

Thank you for your cooperation and all you do in assisting those in need throughout our communities.


Bow River Basin Flood Presentation:

This narrated presentation by ‎Brad Stelfox is titled “The 2013 Bow River Basin Flood – Seeking Context and Understanding the Big Picture”‎ and it is similar to what he presented at the April 9 “Understanding Calgary’s Watershed – Implications to Flood Management” community meeting at HSCA.

Additional Presentations: