Build Community HSCA

In honour of our 70th year of incorporation as an association, and in partnership with North Hill Centre, we are giving the HSCA Hearth Room a face lift! 

The Hearth Room is home to the majority of our free community programs and houses almost all of our Community Connections activities including; Fresh Food Basket, Neighbour Night, Community Potlucks, Drop in Card & Social Gatherings, Knitting Club and more. All of these programs are free to our participants, which allows for accessibility and encourages residents to play-where-they-live. 

You can help build a welcoming, functional community hub for these programs by donating to our campaign online:  

NEW! Our neighbours from Framed on Fifth have also joined this project! Local artists picked up birdhouses from Framed on Fifth (1207 5 Ave NW) to paint for an auction to raise money. We were able to generate an additional $3500 through this event! All proceeds go toward Building Community! 

The birdhouses and their artists’ details are available on the Framed on Fifth website.

#HSCAHubBuild #BuildCommunityHSCA